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Poppy wars

17:00 Wed Apr 21 2010
Poppies being sold at the Wellington Railway Station

War veterans are up in arms that white poppies will be sold just one day before the annual RSA red poppy day street appeal.

The white poppies are being sold by Peace Movement Aotearoa (PMA).

Veterans' Affairs Minister Judith Collins told reporters the white poppy appeal was "incredibly disrespectful" to those who went off to war.

Red poppies had been sold every year since 1922 to raise money for veterans' welfare services.

Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association chief executive Stephen Clarke told media the PMA was cashing in on the red poppy brand.

Meanwhile, PMA coordinator Edwina Hughes has said there was no reason why people couldn’t show their support by purchasing both red and white poppies and wearing them together.

She said the red poppy was "the symbol of remembrance for armed forces casualties" whereas the white poppy was "for all victims of war".

Money raised from the white poppy appeal goes to peace scholarships.

Do you think the white poppy appeal should be held at a different time of the year. Or do red poppies and white poppies go hand-in-hand? Have your say below.

User comments
My question would be to edwina hughes is ......Why on earth are you selling them a day ahead of the RED POPPY DAY ???? And I would also say to her GET A LIFE and sell your white poppys the day after... or even the same day as the Red Poppy's.....NOT THE DAY BEFORE...... As good a thought as to what those white poppies are for try at least to WORK together with the RSA's instead of bashing with one another.........PEACE AND HARMONY......Make that your motto for next year.....
If Peace Movement Aotearoa (PMA) is really serious about their cause then show by choosing another date. White Poppy Day could be on 8 May which is the day when the war with Germany ended in 1945 or 15 August 1945 when the war with Japan ended...Respect is earned so show your respect for our Veterans, they earned it... "ONWARD"
ANZAC day is for respecting our fathers and grandfathers from days long past but not ever forgotten. Leave white poppies for world peace day.
They want to sell the white poppies to infore the message of peace. But if it wasnt for the blood and lives of the our familes and friends who left our shores to never return. We would not know what peace it. We can not forget all the lives of those who never were able to return. For their families to never be able to hear them, touch them kiss them let alone look upon them again. Lets start with peace in our own back yard before trying to change or distroy what others gave up their lives for. Because of them we have PEACE. Leave the RED POPPIES alone go find somthing else to pick at!!!
Im sad to say it but our war hero's dont get enought recognition, at least give them 1 day a year.
There seems to be a lot of comment asking where white poppy funds will go. Nobody has asked where red poppy donations are going and remember the last veterans of the 39-45 war will now be over or approaching 90 yrs so there will be very few left and are were the people it was meant to benefit (and rightly so) How much money is collected NZ wide and what is the distribution? Without answers to these questions I and tempted to save my poppy for following years.
Can anyone help? How many veterans survive the 14 18 and 39 45 wars which the red poppy day was set up for
This is wrong, just wrong. There should be respect for those for whom going to war was the 'done' thing to do. Without their efforts we may well be just another Japanese Island.
I agree with the majority of the comment's that have been said. There is not one New Zealander in this country that doesn't know of someone who hasn't served, or is currently serving in the army, navy or other service. This is one way for our nation to acknowledge them. I DO agree with the white poppy , and what it stand's for , but like everyone else they should find their on date , on the calender. LEAVE THE ANZAC POPPY DAY alone. Our future generations should never forget what this time stand's for. LEST WE FORGET
More disrespect for ANZAC day - first there's Boobs on wheels now white poppies - what next?