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Chch mother who killed baby put under care

15:40 Tue Apr 17 2012

A Christchurch woman who killed her newborn daughter and hid the body in a wardrobe for more than a month has agreed to have contraceptive injections.

The 29-year-old, who has name suppression, was on supervision for concealing the death of another baby's birth when she smothered her daughter in 2010.

She was sentenced to two years' intensive supervision for infanticide by Justice Lester Chisholm in Christchurch's High Court on Tuesday.

The woman, who says she is ashamed and remorseful, will remain in hospital under mental health care for the foreseeable future, the Christchurch Court News website reported.

She has agreed to have the contraceptive injection while in care.

In 2009 the woman was sentenced to one year of supervision for hiding the body of her still-born baby in a shed.

While on supervision the woman concealed another pregnancy from friends and family.

Defence counsel Elizabeth Bulgar says the woman had suffocated the baby with her hand after secretly giving birth in 2010.

The baby's body was found in a plastic bag in a wardrobe by the woman's mother six weeks later.

She suffered trauma after the 2009 concealment, and her distress and recovery were retarded when this child was born, Ms Bulgar says.

Justice Chisholm ordered the "troubled" woman to undergo psychiatric care while at the hospital and to notify staff if she became pregnant again.

The woman has had three other children - two were adopted out and one was removed from her care.