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Teacher pretended Facebook baby was hers

08:30 Mon Sep 26 2011

A scorned ex-girlfriend stole baby photos from a friend's Facebook page in an effort to trick her former lover into thinking the child was his.

Primary school teacher Victoria Jones, 23, is currently facing a disciplinary hearing in Wales after she used 82 photos of a former school friend's baby girl to trick Daniel Barberini into thinking he was a father, the Daily Mail reports.

Ms Jones kept up the deceit for two years, naming her imaginary child Keira and telling Mr Barberini they had moved to Australia so he could not see her.

She also allegedly claimed "Keira" was a twin but her brother was born with Down Syndrome and died soon after birth.

Ms Jones has been accused of weaving "an elaborate web of lies" to get revenge on Mr Barberini, who she dated for 16 months.

Mr Barberini, 26, only realised it was a scheme when he showed a photo to a friend, who knew who the child was.

Sarah Jensen, who is the real mother to two-year-old Aliyah, was reportedly horrified when she found out what had happened.

Police found Ms Jones had not broken the law but she may face punishment from the disciplinary hearing where she is being accused of professional misconduct.