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Facebook 'sperminator' meets and impregnates 12 women

02:00 Wed Nov 11 2009
MSN NZ staff
Mr Baronet with Stacy, one of the women he impregnated.

A British man who got 12 women pregnant after meeting them on Facebook has been dubbed "The Sperminator" by the UK press and his victims.

Dominic Baronet had been wooing young women for years with his smooth internet chatter, the News of the World reports.

Five women are now mothers to his children, another five have had abortions and two are expecting.

Adding to Baronet's shady past is a criminal record for supplying ecstasy and cocaine.

Kerry Martin, 24, told the News of the World she discovered Baronet's cheating ways by keeping a watch on his Facebook page after he broke up with her.

She soon found a congratulations message revealing he had impregnated another 24-year-old woman named Stacy Jones.

When Ms Martin contacted Ms Jones she discovered Baronet had gotten them both pregnant on the same night.

Baronet should be banned from using Facebook in the future, she said.

“We call him the Sperminator as he just goes around getting girls pregnant and doesn’t ever think about the consequences,” the News of the World quoted Ms Martin as saying.