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Laws may have gone too far: expert

20:00 Sun Nov 20 2011

Controversial talkback host Michael Laws may have finally gone too far with his comments that journalists should be shot.

Laws made the comments on his Radio Live show while discussing the so-called teapot tape recording of a conversation between Prime Minister John Key and ACT's Epsom candidate, John Banks.

Mr Key complained to police after a freelance cameraman passed the secretly recorded tape to the Herald on Sunday.

Talking about journalists on his show on Friday, Mr Laws said: "If I had a gun I'd shoot them, put them out of their misery, because they have gone rabid and they may infect others."

He continued: "The Herald on Sunday for example, which is rabid all the time. No idea why somebody hasn't taken the shotgun there and just cleaned out the entire newsroom."

Former Radio Live host and media expert Brian Edwards told 3News Mr Laws may have crossed the line.

While Mr Laws was paid to get a reaction, "once you're suggesting that we kill an entire group in society I think that may well be against the law", Dr Edwards said.

Laws has previously drawn criticism for racist comments about former Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand, and in 2006 referred to the late Tongan king as a "bloated, brown slug".