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PM John Key dines with Queen

09:30 Wed Apr 27 2011
John Key and the Queen

Prime Minister John Key and his wife Bronagh have started the royal wedding celebrations off early by dining with the Queen at Windsor Castle.

And like any good guest, he didn't show up empty-handed - Key presented Her Majesty with a gift of New Zealand Twinings tea and Manuka honey, according to media reports.

"The Queen has made some time to see me and I think it's a wonderful thing, but it's a great mark of respect for the people of New Zealand," Key said yesterday.

He also told reporters prior to the meeting that he had been brushing up on his etiquette skills.

"I'll try and make sure I address the Queen appropriately. But I've been in her company on a number of occasions as Prime Minister and my experience is that she is very gifted at making people at ease."

Key said he was sure the Queen would want to talk about the Christchurch earthquake and Pike River disaster, as Prince William had visited victims and their families in February.

He would also discuss the Commonwealth heads of Government meeting in Australia which she will attend at the end of the year.

Key is also meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street in London today.

Cameron said he was keen to talk about Libya, and stepping up the pressure on Colonel Gadaffi.

Key will also extend a personal invitation for him to attend the Rugby World Cup.

The royal wedding, dubbed the wedding of the decade, is on this Friday.