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Should cyclists be banned from public roads?

02:00 Fri Mar 26 2010
Should cyclists be banned from public roads?

Another cyclist was killed last night when he and a car collided on an East Auckland road.

The 36-year-old cyclist, who died at the scene, is believed to have had severe chest and neck injuries.

Police said the accident occurred when a car crossed two lanes of traffic to turn into a driveway, pulling in front of the cyclist as he travelled down the hill, according to the New Zealand Herald.

The death is the latest in a series of serious accidents involving cyclists.

In October, Mairangi Bay GP Graham Robinson was killed while training for a charity bike ride near Helensville.

The driver has yet to be found.

A month before that, 20-year-old student Jennifer Speakman was driving into Auckland City for an exam when she ran into a group of four cyclists.

The crash left cyclist Greg Paterson with skull fractures, brain injuries and paralysis to the left side of his body.

Can cars and cycles co-exist or should cyclists be banned from using public roads? Have your say below.

User comments
what gives any one the right to tell any one they cant ride their bikes on the road what people should do is slow down and watch where their going on the road and who else is on the road and if they cant do that they shouldnt have a licence its no use crying over spilt milk after its happened to many people want to be in front and they show off when they are driving thats why they they knock people off their bikes and hit other vehicles on the road go police and dont give any leway to any one regardless who they are i support you all the way
CYCLE LANES!! there needs to be FAR MORE cycle lanes!! that way cyclists are not on the road with cars and trucks! Also!! cyclists need a more identifiable way of indicating.. I've driven behind to many cyclists who's indications have been so sloppy its not a surprise why they keep getting injured. Not to be confused with motorcyclists Ive never had a problem with a motorcyclist before. Maybe there should be certain rules all cyclists have to obey?
We as cyclists have every right to use the roads. I too have problems with motorist that don't give a damn about cyclists. Many a times cycling to the gym, motorists have pulled over to park, then they open their doors without looking in their rear vision mirror checking for us cyclists. Too many times I have almost been knocked off my bike when motorists have opened car doors. This is where my anglo-saxon language gets into practicse. Another issue is in Hastings approaching the roundabout, the road becomes narrow which is terrifying, when traffic is next to you. Believe me, we take high precautions when on our bikes, at times things go wrong when a car pulls out in front of you, same old thing, not checking rear vision mirror, which causes difficulty for us. So stop blaming us cyclists, it's the motorists that brings these problems upon us, plus the city councils who have no idea of what its like cycling. Councellors, try biking for a year.
I do feel for the families who have lost a loved one in these tragic accidients but I think that no only cars on the road need to be patient with cyclists but cyclists themselves need to take some resonsibility with their own safety as when there is more than one cyclist riding together they always ride side by side and when there is a whole group they even ride 3 wide, I have witnessed this many many times ( I have also witnessed cyclists taking up not only their cycle lane but also have of the vechiel lane) and it shows that cyclists have no RESPECT for vechiels on the road or their own safety. I think not only educating motorists but also cyclists and prehaps interduce fines for cyclists that are riding side by side on busy roads. And whats with cyclists cycling on the line of the cycle lane instead of cycling in the lane, this is happening with about 9 out of 10 cyclists I see
They shouldnt be banned from the road as it is a public place but they should have to pay road user charges and they should maybe have a licence plate so they can be identified if a complain needs to be made. its so easy to make a complaint about a car driver but its not as easy to complain about bike riders behaving badly. While I agree drivers need to be more awear of cyclists, they also need to be more awear of cars. last week i was stuck for 20 minutes behind a group of riders and could not pass becuase of corners.
They should be banned of driving on the roads altogether. They do not stick to the side of the road, they do not move over to give way to cars and they continouslly cycle in packs taking up nearly the whole side of the road. I live out in the country, and it is even more dangerous out here with blind corners and winding roads. Its only a matter of time before someone gets killed. They are not only putting themselves in danger but they are putting drivers in danger by forcing them to swerve onto the other side of the road! Its completly idiotic that its even legal for them to cause so much danger on roads! as if theres not enough road accidents as it is. I am SICK of going out of my way, literally into on coming traffic, to avoid them. I feel so much soro for the poor girl in who hit those cyclists and has to live with that for the rest of her life. Get off the fuking road you dumb *** cyclists! Your seriouslly ASKING to get run over you idiots.
NAH you cant ban them from using public roads......People need to be more courteous whether your driving a vehicle or riding a bicycle.....We kiwi's need to be more PATIENT and if they drivers or cyclists infringe then they should suffer the consequences from the laws set out....And maybe cyclists should be paying some type of registration to help leviate some of the costs meted for those who drive cars,motorbikes,vans and smaller trucks.....Just a thought
I think that anybody in charge of a vehicle on NZ roads should be subject to a licensing fee as well as mandatory training and testing...The simple reason is everybody else who is using the road has to abide by our road rules so why not cyclists...I love cycling but know there are some people out there who ride 4 abreast on country roads...Why would you do that on an open road where the speed limit is 100km...makes no sense to me...
How many pedestrians are on the foot path in comparison to the amount of cars on the road? Hardly any! Cyclists should be allowed to use the pedestrian footpath.
look as a truck driver my opinion probably counts for *** among most of you, but if you allowed only 1 bike in any one space on the road instead of this have to cross the centre line drama too avoid potential mayhem it would prevent road rage, also if the present govenment passed a decree that made litter a jailable offence (I am sure tourists will adapt famously! ) it would along with motorists respect, make pushbiking more enjoyable and safe!