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Where are Auckland’s best schools?

17:00 Mon Jul 5 2010
Where are Auckland’s best schools?

The best high schools in Auckland are Marist College in Mt Albert and Macleans College in Botany, according to the annual list just published by Metro magazine.

Metro has split its analysis in two, producing separate rankings for schools that rely on NCEA and the Cambridge exam system.

Marist tops the NCEA list, followed by Epsom Girls Grammar and Mt Roskill Grammar, both equal second, Carmel College and McAuley High School.

In the Cambridge list, Macleans is followed by Westlake Boys High School and Auckland Grammar.

Metro editor Simon Wilson said the rankings are unique. "We've gone much further with our analysis than you will usually find," he said.

"We've looked at the last three years' worth of results. We’ve compared all schools against the others in their deciles, which allows us to work out which ones add the most value to their student intake. We looked at top academic achievement and general competence, to see how well schools serve all their students. And this is the first time that Cambridge results across the schools have been released publicly."

Schools that use the International Baccalaureate (IB) system are also included. "IB is a two-year exam system," Wilson said, "and most of the schools that use it have just started on that approach. So their NCEA results are still relevant and we have included them in our NCEA analysis."

Wilson said it's notable that many of the top schools are Catholic. "There’s obviously something many of them are doing that the other schools could learn from," he said.

But, he also said Metro's top 20 schools "cover the range". "There are single sex and co-ed, high decile and low, large and small, conservative and more liberal, and state, integrated and private. The results suggest there are many kinds of high-performing schools."

Metro also indentified the worst schools in Auckland as Mangere College, Henderson High School, Tangaroa College, James Cook High School and Al-Madinah School.

"All these schools are low-decile or close to it," Wilson said. "But several of the top schools were also low decile. Our results show that some schools in that range are performing way better than others. Why the gap? That's something the Ministry of Education and the government definitely need to focus on."

Do you agree with Metro's rankings? Which schools do you think are Auckland’s best and worst? Have your say below

Pick up the July issue of Metro magazine to read more about Auckland schools.

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User comments
St Cuthbert's College should definitely be there!!!! I mean they're in the picture lol. But no doubt one of the best schools!!!!
Where's St Cuth's? It's been the top ranking and arguably the most prestigous school in NZ for years.
auckland girls grammar is also not a really gud skel its not multicultural
As a mother of a year 8 i have spent many years trying to find the "right fit" for my son. Through my investigations i have discovered most of the top schools are Catholic simply because unlike most schools that run a ballot Catholic schools actually hand pick their students. It's not like their going to just let any ole kid into their school. Some people say it's not about the school it's all about the child, me personally i believe sending my son to a MAGS teaches my son brotherhood and great sense of pride for his school. Local schools just didnt havent the right facilities for my son to further his growth in the sporting field and neither did they have the best coaches. My son knows there is nothing the local schools can offer him and although he has to catch 2 buses to school he knows it's all worth it. Some school have some very influencial people backing them and that can go a long long way these days.
Who said that ' Dorkland' has any good schools i reckon Canterbury and other areas in the South Island have some excellent schools. The best being St Bedes College infact.Five current members of parliament attended st bedes and two current heads of governments in the pacific nations where also ex bedes boys.Unfortunitly no Allblacks though, they seem to have come from Boys High ( another canterbury secondary school) So it just goes to show that METRO maybe have things all wrong.How about doing a survey of the whole of N.Z and then we can start saying things P.S HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS LOVE SANTA
Macleans College is really only for people who want to do Cambridge (CIE). Students only achieve good results if they work hard. The teachers are there just for show really. The school is also highly biased towards CIE meaning that many top students choose CIE over NCEA. The school does have a good environment for social interactions though. I go to Macleans and I have to say that it does have one of the best campuses for a secondary school because it has sea views. But the school's simply only suitable for those who want to do CIE.
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The best schools are RIGHT THROUGHOUT NEW ZEALAND stretching from the top of nz through to Stewart Island...So whats his name Gilbert Wrong.....Metro and Gilbert Durbong Wong and from auckland its no wonder people from the Mainland South Island passionately dislike aucklanders when jerks like you two bring idiotic surveys like so
I personally don't think there is any really,,, too many bullying from all the top schools I heard. Westlake Girls bullied my sister in law so bad she ended up being home schooled. As for Macleans College, they all about one race..guess which one?!? AND where does The Manurewa High School fit in? I went to that school and so did all my sisters and brother, all come out in year 13.. Highly academic, athletic and singers, a few people plays for the warriors and basketball from my school, so why aren't they mentioned?? METRO has no idea what they talking about.