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Should dangerous dog breeds be banned?

08:30 Mon May 30 2011
Recent spate of dog attacks sparks call for ban on dangerous breeds (Thinkstock)
Recent spate of dog attacks sparks call for ban on dangerous breeds

A recent spate of dog attacks has left at least one expert calling for a ban on dog breeds known to be aggressive or dangerous.

A two-year-old girl was savaged by what was believed to be a pitbull in Kawerau on Saturday and is in Whakatane Hospital in a stable condition after undergoing facial surgery.

A few hours earlier a bull mastiff savaged a four-year-old girl in Masterton, leaving her needing reconstructive surgery at Hutt Hospital.

Last week a Bay Of Plenty woman had her scalp torn off by an American pitbull dog set on her by her sister after an argument.

READ MORE: Woman scalped by sister’s pitbull

Dog behaviour expert Barry Gillingwater, of DSS Animal Management, says if the Government is serious about stopping these sorts of injuries, dogs with aggressive tendencies should be banned.

"I do think you've got to remove certain aggressive dogs from society, they really have no place in modern society," he told Newstalk ZB.

Do you think aggressive breeds of dog should be banned in New Zealand? Have your say below.

User comments
I too are now a victom of a dog attack as i was walking on a crossing friday the 4th of may this dog i believe was a bull terrier with absolutely no warning jumped up at me and bit my hand. so I too am a convert to having these breeds of dogs not only banned destoyed as soon as possible.
It's not the dogs but the owners who are bad and nasty and train their dogs to be the same.
as a proud owner of a pit bull staffy cross my dog is too trusting and affectionate she loves the company of children and enjoys the attention she gets from people when we go for walks even vets have said she is the most pleasant natured dog of her breeding they have had the pleasure of being in contact with to me there is no such thing as a bad dog just bad owners
Any dog (or horse, child, etc) can and will become "dangerous" (ie unruly, bad mannered & disrespectful) when surrounded by people who lack the knowledge, time, personal discipline & or inclination to teach the dog (horse, child etc) the correct ways of behaving in society. This shows that there are a lot of people in our society who have very limited social skills, and this is where the problem needs to be addressed. If the Govt will stop paying (people) scum to breed, you will find that a lot of the problems in society will be reduced, including the problem of poorly socialised & or managed dogs (& horses & children).
No they should not be banned its the owners who should be banned for training them to be NASTY.
i agree with most of these comments. my neighbour has 2 rednose pitbulls. i always see him and his kids out the back just "rarking" these dogs up. the other day, my little girl was standing at the front of our house with her pregnant foxy. she had her dog on a leash when the neighbours pitbull *** just jumped the fence and attacked my daughters dog. my girl was that frightened that she froze and just held onto the leash. i managed to get out there and grab my daughter. the neighbour also reacted quickly pulling his *** off our foxy. the foxy was very fortunate to have come out of the attack alive. her ears were ripped. with all the trauma she slipped her pups. i've never been so scared in my life. the neighbour has since offered to have his dog put down and he paid the vet bill. my husband and i decided against the dog getting put down because we are animal lovers. since then though we haven't seen any of the dogs. to us, this attack was purely the responsibility of the owner
Hi I live in Chch Brockworth Pl Riccarton.We have afew owners here who like to walk their dogs,just last week there were 2 guys in high vis shirts walking a so called dangerous dog its not the dogs it their owners. These 2 men one had a lead which could reach the other side of the road so they had no control of the dog if it wanted to go for a small child or another dog. These 2 men have been reported to the local dog warden and police who patrol this area.
i hav found being the owner of 2 dogs that no matter what breed they are all dogs will do what it takes to protect themselves and their owners from harm. It isnt pitbulls that r the problem with children its the stupid parents of children that dont teach their child not to tease the dogs. on my own property i had to tell 3 small children (and not an adult in sight) not to tease my rottweiller or she will bite, she is only young and dosent know better but all children should be taught not all dogs will just take the teasing and roll over so if you dont know the dog DO NOT APPROACH a different incident walking across the road just out of my gate with my two dogs on leads the man next door was out with his non restrained german sheppards when before you know it my retreiver is screaming because one of the sheppards had latched on and tore a very large hunk out of mygirl, so if the government is going to try to ban dangerious breeds they are going to have to ban all dogs from nz!
To all you so call clowns thats so adament in blaming these poor beautifull animals for something that their F'N owners has trained them to do, or these F'N owners who ill treat them so badly that the will fight for their safety no matter wot. Then you get the City Council Clowns that just pounce, no question ask and wam puts them to sleep for ever, while their F'N owners trotts of to get another for them to ill treat or train it to fight. Who the hell are you to say which is dangerous and which is not. The most dangerous animal on this earth is HUMAN BEINGS, thats who is dangerous. so get your dang priority right. CHEERS.
No they are only dangerous because the way the owners treat them and train them to attack .It is not the dogs fault they attack and i believe that they can be trained properly in the right environment and the right people and not just used for peoples power or financially gain.