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Should we get a day off to mourn the earthquake victims?
08:30 NZDT Fri Mar 4 2011
New Zealanders could get a day off to mourn the Christchurch earthquake victims.
Messages of support for Canterbury
14:30 NZDT Tue Feb 22 2011
Messages of support for the families of the people who lost their lives in the Christchurch earthquake are flooding in from all over New Zealand and around the world
Should non-Maori media pay an entry fee on Waitangi Day?
10:00 NZDT Wed Feb 2 2011
Ngapuhi leader David Rankin has condemned Waitangi lower marae officials' decision to clobber non-Maori media organisations with a $1000 entry fee on Waitangi Day.
When is a barbie offensive?
21:30 NZDT Wed Jan 19 2011
A group of Christian climbers is in hot water for having a barbecue at the top of Mt Taranaki.
BYO booze banned at Boxing Day races
08:30 NZDT Thu Dec 16 2010
Those looking forward to carrying a full chilly-bin to the Boxing Day races will have to think again. This year, for the first time, punters at Ellerslie Racecourse will not be allowed to take their own alcohol to the course.
Traffic congestion bad for your health
12:00 NZDT Tue Dec 14 2010
Do you suffer "commuter pain"? What transport changes would you like to see implemented?
Are baby boomer bikers more of a menace than young riders?
08:30 NZDT Wed Dec 1 2010
Police are cracking down on riders who show disregard for the road rules in the lead up to Christmas.
Messages of condolence for miners' families
16:00 NZDT Wed Nov 24 2010
Messages of support for the miners trapped at Pike River are flooding in from all over New Zealand and around the world.
Should police hide to nab speeding motorists?
10:30 NZDT Wed Oct 27 2010
A Tauranga driver claims police are more interested in revenue gathering than road safety after he was fined for speeding by an officer who popped out from behind a power pole
Boy racers deterred by fatal child crash message?
14:00 NZDT Tue Oct 19 2010
Auckland petrol heads interested in buying a second-hand hotted-up car at a bargain price were tricked into thinking the owner had killed a child on the road as part of an anti-street racing campaign. Do you think the fake message would deter boy racers?
Should TVNZ sack Paul Henry?
12:30 NZDT Tue Oct 5 2010
Has Paul Henry gone too far by suggesting Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand does not look or sound like a New Zealander?
Should suicides be reported in the media?
16:30 NZST Wed Aug 25 2010
Should a blanket ban on talking about suicide deaths in the New Zealand media be lifted?
Miss New Zealand's dress: hot or not?
15:30 NZST Thu Aug 19 2010
What do you think of Miss New Zealand's choice to wear a dress by a US designer?
Has raunch culture set women back 50 years?
13:00 NZST Mon Aug 2 2010
An Australian feminist visiting New Zealand has said she believes "raunch culture" has set women in Western societies back by more than 50 years
Where are Auckland’s best schools?
17:00 NZST Mon Jul 5 2010
Do you agree with Metro's school rankings? Which schools do you think are Auckland’s best and worst? Have your say
Should underage drinkers need parental consent?
11:00 NZST Mon Jul 5 2010
Should underage drinkers need parental consent? What do you think of the government's plans to crackdown on underage drinking without parental permission? Have your say
Should yellowcake uranium be allowed in New Zealand ports?
14:00 NZST Thu Jun 24 2010
Should Australian yellowcake uranium, which can be used to make nuclear weapons, be allowed in New Zealand ports? Or is this breaching New Zealand's nuclear-free status?
The Crewe murders: Who fed the baby?
18:00 NZST Mon Jun 14 2010
Should there be a further police inquiry into the Crewe murders? Does the 'mystery woman' hold the key to the solving the crime?
Poppy wars
17:00 NZST Wed Apr 21 2010
War veterans are up in arms white poppies will be sold before red poppy day
Swear words more acceptable?
02:00 NZDT Tue Mar 30 2010
Latest research has found New Zealanders are becoming more and more relaxed in their attitudes towards obscenities, particularly on radio and television
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