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09:09 NZST Wed Sep 17 2014
John Key is reiterating there is no mass surveillance of New Zealanders and the nation's security overseer says she has found no evidence of it.
08:21 NZST Wed Sep 17 2014
John Key says National went through the usual process to use a song in a commercial and did not set out to upset Eminem.
07:42 NZST Wed Sep 17 2014
John Key is a high achiever who gave up a brilliant business career to enter politics, and now he wants another three years at the top.
Bomb threat at Waiariki Institute
06:53 NZST Wed Sep 17 2014
Rotorua's Waiariki Institute of Technology was evacuated briefly on Tuesday after a bomb threat was reported but a search revealed nothing of interest.
04:02 NZST Wed Sep 17 2014
Election 2014: the party leaders.
Homeless man's murderer to be sentenced
04:02 NZST Wed Sep 17 2014
Steven Ray Churchis is set to be sentenced for the murder of homeless man Edwin Linder, whom he bashed in Auckland last year.
04:01 NZST Wed Sep 17 2014
Roland Ranger has been jailed for a year and four months after claiming more than $120,000 in tax credits for five children that weren't his.
04:01 NZST Wed Sep 17 2014
Labour's Stuart Nash has been out campaigning for Napier for more than two years in a bid to win the seat back from National.
Cunliffe wants debate extended
04:01 NZST Wed Sep 17 2014
John Key and David Cunliffe are heading into their fourth and last leaders debate, and the Labour leader wants it extended to cover the spying claims.
04:01 NZST Wed Sep 17 2014
David Cunliffe has all the attributes Labour was looking for when it elected him leader, but he just isn't cutting it with voters.
04:01 NZST Wed Sep 17 2014
Political party views on tax range from a flat tax for all income earners, to an increased tax rate for high income earners.
18:56 NZST Tue Sep 16 2014
A 48-year-old woman has been jailed for at least 15 years after she struck Peter Dixon with a heavy object and then set him on fire.
Police divers recover body from lake
18:42 NZST Tue Sep 16 2014
Police divers have recovered the body of a 21-year-old man from Lake Lyndon, west of Christchurch.
18:32 NZST Tue Sep 16 2014
Simon Halsey died after his quad bike crashed as he was moving stock on a farm near Timaru last week.
Sensational claims dominate campaign
18:05 NZST Tue Sep 16 2014
Edward Snowden's claims of mass surveillance and US spy bases dominated the campaign as Prime Minister John Key countered with strong denials.
High risk pedophile gets 10 years
17:08 NZST Tue Sep 16 2014
A Timaru man has avoided preventive detention after pleading guilty to 26 charges of sexual abuse against children aged between three and 14.
Eminem sues National over campaign song
17:06 NZST Tue Sep 16 2014
The National Party is rejecting allegations that it used Eminem's track Lose Yourself without permission in its campaign ads.
Cunliffe not worried if Harawira loses
16:20 NZST Tue Sep 16 2014
Labour's Kelvin Davis is closing in on Mana leader Hone Harawira in the crucial Te Tai Tokerau seat.
Key hits back at `bunch of foreigners'
13:51 NZST Tue Sep 16 2014
John Key is challenging anyone who believes there are US spy bases in New Zealand to take the media to the sites.
13:30 NZST Tue Sep 16 2014
Police say investigations into a fatal house fire suggest a 16-year-old boy hailed as a hero died in his sleep.
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