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21:14 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
Parliament has passed a bill lowering the drink-drive blood alcohol limit from 80mg to 50mg per 100ml of breath, with the change coming in on December 1.
18:36 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
National MPs competed for the title of parliament's worst-dressed MP as they farewelled the famously discordant Tony Ryall.
Earthquake survivor gets strength from departed friends
18:00 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
The sole CTV worker to escape the broadcaster's collapsing building during the Christchurch earthquake has told MSN she takes strength from the knowledge her departed friends and colleagues are watching over her.
16:57 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
The lawyer who independently looked into the policy's Crewe review says a piece of evidence was planted.
Dotcom told to disclose his assets
16:56 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
Kim Dotcom has been told to say exactly what assets he has after film studios seeking copyright damages said he'd been spending cash they are claiming.
16:31 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
The daughter of murdered couple Jeannette and Harvey Crewe still hasn't got the answers she needs despite a four-year police review.
Stay away from race rows, Devoy warns
16:23 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy has stepped into the row over Jamie Whyte's one law for all speech.
Police botched Crewe murder case: review
16:20 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
A 300-page review of the investigation into the 1970 murders of Jeanette and Harvey Crewe has failed to find anyone responsible for the double homicide.
15:12 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
Hone Harawira says if Winston Peters looks at the Mana Party's list, he'll find more non-Maori candidates than Maori candidates.
Government takes back teacher payrolls
15:01 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
The government is taking back responsibility for schools' payrolls after two years of problems and pay blunders with the Novopay system.
14:39 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
Prime Minister John Key says increasing the minimum wage to $16.25 an hour, as Labour is promising, would cost 6000 jobs.
14:19 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
The government says it has concluded negotiations with the European Union for a co-operation agreement on foreign policy, trade, development and science.
13:41 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee has launched a campaign to find out what people want to do with Waimakariri's red zone land.
13:06 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
The tourism industry in New Zealand says tragedies associated with hot air ballooning are rare and has defended the country's adventure tourism sector.
12:40 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
For the second time in two years, a Hamilton paper deliverer has been caught driving their vehicle along the footpath.
12:28 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
The Civil Aviation Authority says it would be keen to undertake random drug tests on pilots, as the Carterton balloon disaster inquiry continues.
12:09 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
The Green Party has made an election promise to protect Maui's dolphins by banning certain fishing methods and oil exploration in sanctuaries.
Gales and heavy rain for South Island
11:28 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
Forecasters say people should be prepared for heavy rain in the lower South Island and strong winds around the Canterbury foothills.
10:00 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
The father of a girl who died in the Carterton hot air balloon disaster says politicians must force aviation authorities to act.
Woman admits burning house murder
09:52 NZST Wed Jul 30 2014
A woman has pleaded guilty to murdering a man who was found dead in a burning South Auckland home.
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