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19:20 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Environment Canterbury has given the green light to a study into whether a train between Rangiora and Christchurch would be feasible.
18:21 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
A boatload of tourists has disrupted rehearsals for the Gallipoli dawn service by noisily swimming less than 100 metres off the North Beach heritage site.
18:09 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
The stories and art of Aboriginal people have struck a chord with the Duke of Cambridge during his visit to Australia.
18:01 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Justice Minister Judith Collins has decided against introducing a minimum pricing regime for alcohol - she says there's no compelling evidence it works.
Probe needed into kidnapper's escape
17:40 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
The police minister has called for a full investigation after a man who allegedly kidnapped and assaulted a woman escaped from police custody.
16:53 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
China is bringing in new infant formula regulations on May 1 and about 50 small exporting companies could be in trouble, ministers say.
16:34 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
A man has been charged over the death of Adam David Hill, who was shot while hunting in a Southland forest almost two weeks ago.
Dead man in creek identified
15:06 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
The death of a middle-aged man whose body was discovered in a creek on Auckland's North Shore is not suspicious, police say.
Rebuild report cites lack of co-ordination
14:37 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Better co-ordination is needed across the agencies that are working on the Christchurch rebuild, a new report says.
14:32 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
An underpass is being constructed to take SH1 underground past Wellington's National War Memorial, and a park is being created above ground.
Army to help Whataroa clean up
13:49 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman is sending 16 army engineers to Whataroa to help clear up the damage caused by Cyclone Ita last week.
Stop gap measures for flood-prone Christchurch
13:30 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
A task force has been given three weeks to come up with short term measures to help flood-prone areas in Christchurch.
13:19 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
The Bluefin-21 underwater search for MH370 is more than 90 per cent complete, while air crash investigators have dismissed debris found in WA's south.
12:50 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
How to wear family members' medals.
12:02 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
New Zealand Anzac Day services
11:35 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
The Green Party has raised questions about just how independent the government's new food safety council will be.
Cross project marks 99th Anzac Day
09:30 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Anzac Day 2014 will see the first 40 fields of remembrance established, where eventually 18,000 white crosses will symbolise NZ's deaths in World War I.
Third person wanted over Makara shooting
09:30 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Two men have been arrested after a shooting near Wellington but interviews with the victim have shown at least one more person was involved.
Motorway reopens but delays remain
09:24 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
A serious traffic crash caused part of Auckland's northwestern motorway to be closed for nearly four hours, causing long delays for commuters.
07:00 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Heavy moving equipment has been called in to help move a truck and trailer unit that's flipped on Karangahake Gorge Rd in Waikato.
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