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Cheeky auction tops $10,000

14:54 Fri Jan 13 2012
Tina Beznec (Trade Me)
Tina Beznec (Trade Me)

Bids on a cheeky online auction, giving the winner the chance to tattoo an image of their choice on a Lower Hutt woman's buttock, have topped the $10,000 reserve price with a week still to run.

Tina Beznec is selling a 9cm by 9cm space of skin on her Trade Me auction "YOUR tattoo on my Bum!!" after being made redundant twice in the past year.

She also plans to give 20 per cent of the winnings to a charity of the winner's choice.

Ms Beznec suggests the canvas is the perfect place for a marriage proposal, business promotion, or an artist wanting to share a design.

She is promising the winner's idea - no matter how outrageous - will end up on her rear.

Trade Me spokesman Paul Ford says this auction is "borderline" - as body parts are on Trade Me's list of prohibited items, after a man tried to sell his amputated leg in 2006.

"We thought we'd see how it goes, and she seems to be doing it with good intentions and doing it with a bit of a sense of humour, and people seem to be taking it that way," Mr Ford told NZ Newswire.

"We'll wait and let our community make the moral call on whether people think it's a bit of a laugh or whether it crosses that line."

Mr Ford says the $10,000 reserve price is not a bad deal for advertising space, given the amount of publicity it has already garnered.

"It probably beats putting an advertisement in the paper with everyone chucking it in the rubbish the next day."

However, Trade Me will be keeping an eye on bids and has the ability to remove any that aren't genuine.

The auction topped $10,000 on Friday morning with more than 50 bids - and many more are expected before the auction closes next Friday.