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'Racial equality' campaign set to launch

08:13 Fri Oct 5 2012

A new "racial equality" campaign, headed by controversial ad guru John Ansell and aimed at exposing what he calls "the Treatygate con", is set to launch.

Mr Ansell - who masterminded National's 2005 Iwi/Kiwi billboards and ACT's 2011 "Fed up with pandering to Maori radicals?" ad - revealed details of the $2 million Colourblind New Zealand campaign to NZ Newswire two months ago.

He plans to officially launch the "major campaign to expose and expunge the corrupt Treaty industry" and end racial favouritism on Monday.

In an email to media and supporters, Mr Ansell said he shares Martin Luther King's dream of a country where people are judged on their character, not the colour of their skin.

"A Colourblind State is a New Zealand where every citizen has equal rights, lives under the one law, votes on the one electoral roll, and whose taxes are spent by the state according to need, not race," Mr Ansell said.

"I think Dr King would approve of this goal, don't you?"

Mr Ansell says he has been unfairly accused of racism for his criticism of "appeasement of Griever Maori", but believes New Zealanders have been lied to about the Treaty of Waitangi's origins.

"For 40 years, the state, a large number of its teachers and professors, and any number of Treaty Grievers, have been feeding us the line that our British pioneer forebears were a bunch of land-grabbing, money-grubbing crooks, bent on ripping off the poor innocent, gullible Maori," Mr Ansell said.

He believes the government's constitutional review, part of its support deal with the Maori Party, will see a written constitution created "with the false version of the Treaty at its core" to make non-Maori New Zealanders second-class citizens.

Mr Ansell is seeking input from likeminded New Zealanders about what the campaign's next steps should be - suggesting a petition for a referendum to scrap the Treaty, or creating a new single-issue political party.

Mr Ansell will launch his campaign at Remuera Bowling Club on Monday evening.