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Child too young for gender change, says Beyer

11:00 Mon Oct 7 2013

The parents of a seven-year-old girl who identifies as a boy plan to facilitate the child’s inclination by having him injected every three months to medically stop puberty, as an initial step to sex change.

But the country’s and world’s first openly transsexual member of parliament, Georgina Beyer, has questioned whether the child is old enough to make the decision, the Sunday Star-Times reports.

From age three, the child wore boys’ clothes, threw tantrums and did not want to play with other girls.

"Some time in September or October last year we started getting the odd, ‘I'm not a girl, I think I'm a boy and I wish I was dead’,” the child’s mother said.

The parents sought professional help, the child changed his name to a boy’s name and the parents pulled him out of a Christian school when the principal expressed concern over the identity change.

He told the newspaper he sometimes gets teased at school, "(they) just say things like 'wrong toilet' and I go 'no'."

Ms Beyers, who identified as a girl aged three, said, "I don't think a seven-year-old has enough life experience to understand precisely what they're doing. I think it's better a person gets to puberty and through puberty.”

Decisions being made are “serious” and the “natural inclination of this child should be nurtured and encouraged”, Ms Beyer said.

The child’s family remains supportive "and the safest path for him is love, acceptance, tolerance and support," his mother said.

Do you think these parents are making the right decision? Have your say below.

User comments
I am pleased these parents are looking into all options for their child, to best suit their child's needs. Its hard enough being a parent let alone being judged and in this case being judged by people who don't even know you or your family. This is not a decision anyone would take lightly and there is certainly no one size fits all families. I wish this family all the best and hope that they are surrounded by people who are loving and supporting of there decision.
I have a granddaughter aged five that has regularly informed us from a young age that she is a boy. She often has special days where she asks us to get her some boy clothes so she can be a boy for the day. This request is diminishing as she gets older but when she asks for her boy day we do not stop her. So I agree with the other comments to wait until she is older and go from there.
How can a 7 year old girl, decide this? From the age 3, the child wore "boys clothes" - whos fault was that? "Threw tantrums" Gee, I still throw them, and I'm 27, doesn't mean, that I want to become a man! "Did not want to play with other girls" She was only 3!!! The parents have instilled it, into this childs head, that it is a boy - she didn't decide that on her own! What is this world coming to???
Of course the 7 year old is too young for that, the parents should keep on supporting her but definitely not undertake any steps towards gender change, let the child go through life and in adulthood tackle that then, when I was under 7 I always wanted to be a boy I did boy things and hated the fact that I was a girl and got barbies as gifts, this carried on well into my teens, I was always a tom boy but by the time I hit 17 I was happy to be a girl a tomboy I was happy with that and now I have 3 sons my 4 year old always says he is a girl and wants nail polish if I paint my nails, I give him a quick rough coat I allow him to play with girls toys.. let him get it out his system and come into his own in his own way and time. Ridiculous that sex change is even a option for those parents, accommodate the child yes, for her own happiness but don't take that drastic step, you might be actually ruining her life.
What a difficult situation these parents are in! I really feel for them as they are obviously trying to make the best decision for their child. I think the best thing we can do is support their decision. If they are getting professional help for Jason I am sure it will turn out ok. Good luck guys

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