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Police warn Roast Busters vigilantes

06:00 Wed Nov 6 2013
Police are warning anyone against vigilante action against Auckland's Roast Busters
Police are warning anyone against vigilante action against Auckland's Roast Busters.

Police are warning anyone against taking vigilante action against the Roast Busters - a group of Auckland teens who boast of having group sex with drunk girls and then name their victims online.

Police are also "strongly refuting" their investigations into the group have been affected because one of the group is the son of an officer.

"Police take any allegations of criminal offending by any of its officers or their families extremely seriously... police will not hesitate to thoroughly investigate staff facing allegations of a criminal nature and will put them before the court if there is a case to answer," Waitemata police district commander Superintendent Bill Searle said on Tuesday.

Police began investigating the group about two years ago, but say they cannot lay charges against the group because none of the girls have laid a complaint.

The Roast Busters' Facebook page was revealed by 3News at the weekend, sparking public outrage and calls for police to take stronger action.

Rape groups say the boys should be charged with stupefying and sexual assault against minors.

Police have since spoken again to two members and the investigation appears to have been re-invigorated. A senior detective from another police region has been brought in to work on the case.

Vigilante groups have popped up on the internet, threatening to dish out justice to the Roast Busters group.

Supt Searle said the outrage was understandable.

"However, violence will not be tolerated and we will take firm action against anyone inciting, threatening or using violence against these people."

According to the New Zealand Herald, one of the group, Joseph Levall Parker, son of Hollywood actor Anthony Ray Parker, has lost his job at an Auckland real estate office because of the revelations.