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07:26 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
The UN is set to launch an inquiry into fresh allegations of a chlorine gas attack in Syria.
07:01 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu has hailed South Africa's progress since apartheid, but will not vote for Jacob Zuma's ruling party in May.
06:41 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Google is letting people turn back the clock on Street View to show how places have changed over the seven years it has been collecting pictures.
06:14 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Rescue operations are continuing in a remote, swampy area of the Democratic Republic of Congo after a train crash that has left at least 57 people dead.
06:05 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Authorities in the midwestern US state of Missouri say a man who murdered an elderly couple in 1993 while stealing their cows, has been put to death.
06:02 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
The Duchess of Cornwall's brother has died after suffering a serious head injury in a fall outside an after-party for a charity event in New York.
Possible MH370 debris found in WA
06:00 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Authorities are investigating debris found on the WA coast that could be wreckage from the missing MH370 flight.
04:46 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Security in Rio de Janeiro has been beefed up after violent clashes dealt another blow to the Brazilian city's public image ahead of the World Cup.
04:46 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Kosovo's Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, a commander during the 1998-99 war, has opposed the creation of a war crimes court, calling it unjust and an insult.
03:47 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
The first challenger to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad has registered for the June 3 election, as the government defends criticism of the poll.
03:38 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Three people have been killed in attacks across Iraq in the latest bloodshed ahead of next week's elections.
03:00 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
An Israeli warplane has struck the Gaza Strip shortly after rival Palestinian movements agreed to form a unity government of independents.
02:22 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
A Nepalese government delegation will fly to Everest base camp on Thursday to negotiate with sherpas as another international company pulls out.
02:11 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Russia is calling for an "immediate de-escalation of the situation in Ukraine's southeast", insisting Kiev withdraw troops.
01:13 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
British police have arrested a woman on suspicion of murder after three children were found dead at a house in London.
00:46 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Nepalese officials are denying that sherpa guides on Mount Everest are abandoning this year's climbing season after a deadly avalanche.
00:34 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has described his shock at the arrest of a reporter for phone hacking and denied any cover-up on his part.
00:17 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
The Turkish prime minister has offered condolences to descendants of the victims of mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman troops during World War I.
00:12 NZST Thu Apr 24 2014
The US State Department says it is "deeply concerned" over reports of the kidnapping of an American journalist by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.
23:54 NZST Wed Apr 23 2014
Former British prime minister Tony Blair says the West should put aside its differences with Russia to work together against Islamic extremism.
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