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17:23 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
The ex-general who lost Indonesia's presidential race will challenge Joko Widodo's win in the courts.
17:11 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
China has censored reports about a giant inflatable toad on the internet after it was compared to a former Communist Party chief.
17:00 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
A British man has avoided jail for being found under a teenage girl's bed after sending her a text message saying "I'm watching you".
17:00 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
A Chinese town has been sealed off and 151 people placed in quarantine since last week after a man died of bubonic plague.
16:52 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
The US is launching new satellites to bolster its military's ability to spot adversaries threatening American spacecraft in high orbit.
16:47 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
Five migrants have been arrested in Italy over the massacre of more than 100 refugees during a horror voyage from Tunisia to Sicily.
16:32 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
Women who have an epidural for pain relief during labour during a normal birth have a lower rate of depression, a study has found.
16:10 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
Virtual intelligence created by IBM is helping members of the US military and their families manage shifting to life after stints in the service.
15:48 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
Half a million refugees have flooded into Russia from eastern Ukraine since April, creating a significant burden for the embattled nation.
Man surprises mum with psychology degree secret
15:00 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
A university student has filmed the moment he revealed to his mother he had finished a psychology degree – after she spent four years believing he was working at a fish factory.
US cop suspended over cyclist rant
15:00 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
An American police officer has been temporarily dropped from the force after saying she wanted to run over cyclists in a confessional YouTube video.
14:42 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
As bloodshed continues for the 16th day, neither Israel nor Islamist movement Hamas appears willing to end hostilities, despite days of diplomatic efforts.
14:25 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
Despite the British government promising to stop military sales to Russia, a report has found the UK still exports arms and military equipment there.
14:04 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
Typhoon Matmo, packing gusts of up to 173km/h, has slammed into Taiwan, injuring five people, closing schools and affecting flights.
13:50 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
Italy's once-magnificent cruise ship Costa Concordia is ready to be towed from Giglio Island to Genoa where it will be scrapped.
Australian mum lay fatally injured for 12 hours
13:00 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
Police investigating the suspicious death of a Queensland mother-of-four are expected to interview the man she was living with today.
Family recognises dying son in YouTube video
13:00 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
GRAPHIC WARNING: Shocking video showing an unarmed Palestinian civilian shot dead by an Israeli sniper has now been seen by his family – the very people he was wandering the streets looking for.
Kayakers lifted up into air by whale
13:00 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
A pair of kayakers has very narrowly escaped disaster after paddling directly into a pod of whales off the coast of Argentina.
MH17 black boxes to be sent to UK lab
13:00 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
The black boxes recovered from the crashed of Malaysia Airlines jet that could hold vital clues, will be sent to the UK for forensic examination.
13:00 NZST Wed Jul 23 2014
A heavily pregnant chief bridesmaid hid the fact she was in labour even as she walked down the aisle so as not to upstage her sister on her wedding day.
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