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16:58 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
Hopes are rising that the agreement by Israel and Hamas to honour a 72-hour ceasefire will also give impetus for a more durable peace at talks in Cairo.
16:33 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
Ukrainian forces are poised to continue their assault on separatist rebels, putting the investigation of the MH17 crash site on uncertain ground again.
16:19 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
Ebola-hit west African nations have launched emergency measures and are meeting with the WHO to thresh out a joint plan to stop the spread of the virus.
New hope MH17 remains will be recovered
14:51 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
Police are hopeful of having safe access to the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine and recovering bodies and personal items.
14:25 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
NASA says the next robotic vehicle it sends to Mars, in 2020, will be able to make oxygen in a bid to create air for astronauts to breathe.
14:23 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
Bodies littered streets in Taiwan's Kaohsiung city as blasts triggered by gas leaks killed 22 people and injured 270, destroying vehicles and buildings.
Doctor with Ebola gives only life-saving drug to another
14:00 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
A US aid worker struck down with Ebola while volunteering in Liberia has selflessly given the only dose of a life-saving drug to another American missionary infected with the deadly virus.
Footage of moment car falls onto a Thai motorway
14:00 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
A car was rammed off the edge of a Thai overpass before falling onto a busy motorway.
Leopard appears out of nowhere to frighten tourists
14:00 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
Following some guineafowl along a road may seem like the dullest part of a safari, but these nature lovers are in for a shock.
Man jumps off four-storey building
14:00 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
For anyone else this jump would be fatal but stuntman Ethan Swanson has worked out how to throw himself off a four-storey building and survive.
Newlyweds shocked at photo of them playing as kids
14:00 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
A newly-married UK couple who thought their paths had never crossed as kids were shocked to discover a picture of them playing just metres apart on a beach as children.
Photograph shows moment missile tears towards Gaza home
14:00 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
This is the chilling moment an Israeli missile was captured on camera hurtling towards a house in Gaza.
Soldier's selfies may prove Russia's involvement in Ukraine
14:00 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
A Russian soldier's goofy selfies posted online may have proved that his country's military is operating in eastern Ukraine illicitly.
14:00 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
Texas woman is suing Facebook for $123m claiming it failed to remove a "revenge porn" profile created in her name by a former friend.
13:00 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
Scotland-bound flight has been diverted to London, after a drunk woman allegedly attacked cabin crew with her false leg.
12:01 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
A British project will map the genetic codes of about 75,000 patients with cancer and rare diseases, with the eventual aim of personalising treatments.
11:37 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
The number of requests for Twitter information from governments climbed 46 per cent from the second half of last year to 2058.
10:40 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
Scientists in the US say they may be able to stem suicide rates by identifying people at risk who have a chemical change in a single gene.
09:41 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
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Bear rescues struggling crow from zoo enclosure
09:00 NZST Fri Aug 1 2014
A bear at the Budapest Zoo has opted for being a hero instead of a villain by saving the struggling bird trapped in his enclosure.
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