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Paris building explosion toll rises to 7
22:43 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
A seventh body is recovered after a residential block of flats in Paris was destroyed by an explosion.
22:19 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
Malaysia refused entry to a Sydney woman who had previously been arrested for joining a protest against a rare-earths processing plant, rights groups say.
22:12 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
Lesotho's minister of public service, Motloheloa Phooko has announced he is the country's acting prime minister after an apparent coup.
21:19 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
Hundreds of protesters trying to topple Pakistan's government have briefly seized the state broadcaster.
19:24 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
A visa request for the Thai fiancee of an Australian indigenous war veteran has been rejected, despite backing by former senator Fred Chaney.
18:51 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
Japan has relaxed a ban on the use of electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets in flight.
18:37 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
An "immediate ceasefire" in Ukraine must be the priority for key negotiations taking place on Monday, Russia's foreign minister says.
18:14 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
A man has stabbed students and teachers with a knife at a school in central China, killing three people, reports say.
Dolphin hunting season kicks off in Japan
17:50 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
Environmental campaigners are in place to monitor the annual six-month dolphin hunting season in Japan's infamous town of Taiji.
17:03 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
Shiite Turkmen residents of Amerli have been liberated after Iraqi forces aided by US air strikes recaptured the town from jihadist group Islamic State.
16:36 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
Pro-democracy lawmakers and protesters have heckled a member of the top committee of China's rubber stamp parliament.
US skydiver completely misses stadium in Dublin
16:36 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
Amateur video has captured the moment a skydiver set to land on an Irish football field missed the stadium completely and landed on a railway line instead.
Hugo the dog freed from death row
16:30 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
A dog which escaped being put down by the Gold Coast City Council after a series of behavioural incidents has been freed from custody after a social media campaign to save his life proved successful.
Japan confirms more dengue infections
16:18 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
Tokyo officials have sprayed about 800 litres of pesticide in a bid to kill off the colony of mosquitoes which have caused a dengue fever outbreak.
Woman dislocates jaw doing ice bucket challenge
16:00 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
An English woman doing the ice bucket challenge has screamed so hard that she dislocated her jaw.
Health workers Ebola death toll mounts
15:37 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
The World Health Organisation has voiced concern about the "unprecedented" number of healthcare workers hit by the Ebola outbreak.
Rescue effort fails to save girl trapped at beach
15:00 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
A nine-year-old girl has died after a hole she was digging at the beach collapsed, suffocating her.
Groom-to-be bashed by mate on buck's night
14:33 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
A Gold Coast man that was bashed and stamped on at his own bucks party is in hospital.
14:33 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
A sanitation charity in India hopes to provide a toilet to every household in the country to protect women from being attacked in fields.
14:04 NZST Mon Sep 1 2014
US President Barack Obama will go to Estonia this week with a simple message for Vladimir Putin - don't mess with NATO's ex-Soviet members.
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