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05:48 NZST Sat Aug 30 2014
The "Ice Bucket Challenge" viral craze has raised more than $US100 million to raise awareness about and fund research into Lou Gehrig's disease.
05:21 NZST Sat Aug 30 2014
Canberra is ready to campaign to warn Australian couples not to travel to Bangkok for commercial surrogacy if Thailand bans the practice.
04:39 NZST Sat Aug 30 2014
Interpol has issued a global alert for a seriously ill British boy with a brain tumour who officials believe was kidnapped from hospital by his parents.
04:17 NZST Sat Aug 30 2014
Chelsea Clinton has announced she is stepping down from a part-time reporting job on US television as she prepares to give birth to her first child.
03:37 NZST Sat Aug 30 2014
Britain has raised its terror threat risk level to "severe" following developments in Syria and Iraq.
03:30 NZST Sat Aug 30 2014
The United States has imposed new sanctions on networks linked to Tehran's controversial nuclear and missile programs.
02:19 NZST Sat Aug 30 2014
The Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has called for a new bid to bring peace to Syria, saying the war is bringing misery to millions.
01:56 NZST Sat Aug 30 2014
The conflict in eastern Ukraine has killed nearly 2600 people, the United Nations says.
00:32 NZST Sat Aug 30 2014
Western fears of wider confrontation have continued to spiral after NATO said Russia had sent troops to fight in Ukraine.
00:20 NZST Sat Aug 30 2014
The Icelandic Meteorological Office has lowered its alert level to orange, meaning flights can pass over the Bardarbunga volcano.
00:12 NZST Sat Aug 30 2014
A five-year-boy with a brain tumour has been "kidnapped" from a UK hospital by his family and police believe he has been taken to France.
22:33 NZST Fri Aug 29 2014
Several market monitors have declared Jakarta as the world's most active city of tweeters - and Twitter is now opening an office there.
21:45 NZST Fri Aug 29 2014
At the trial of executives that ran the Korean ferry that sank in April, the ship's captain said it had been management's decision to overload the ferry.
3 mln Syria refugees and no US strategy
20:36 NZST Fri Aug 29 2014
UN refugee agency chief Antonio Guterres says that Syria now constitutes the "biggest humanitarian emergency of our era".
19:44 NZST Fri Aug 29 2014
Schapelle Corby is in trouble with her parole supervisors after her ex-con boyfriend was charged in a Bali drug bust.
19:36 NZST Fri Aug 29 2014
Relations with Australia have been tidied up before Indonesia's president leaves office, but clemency for two Aussies on death row remains uncertain.
19:22 NZST Fri Aug 29 2014
The mouth of a Nicaraguan mine has caved in because of a landslide triggered by heavy rain, killing one person and trapping 25.
19:15 NZST Fri Aug 29 2014
A video titled "A message in blood to the leaders of the American-Kurdish alliance" has shown the beheading of a Kurdish fighter by IS.
19:01 NZST Fri Aug 29 2014
Filipino UN peacekeepers are defending two posts on the Syrian side of Golan Heights and are prepared to fight back rather than surrender to rebels.
18:51 NZST Fri Aug 29 2014
Armoured personnel carriers have been seen in the small hours in Hong Kong at a time of heightened public discontent in the semi-autonomous Chinese city.
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