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13:04 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
France plans to open its most visited museums, the Louvre, Versailles and Musee d'Orsay, every day of the week.
12:57 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
A documentary examines the link between diseases linked to the immune system, such as Type 1 diabetes and asthma, and modern birth methods.
Jihadists advance on Syrian border town
12:42 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
Islamic State jihadists are edging nearer to the Syrian border town of Ain al-Arab, with the Kurds fearing they may advance into the town itself.
Melting sea ice forces 35,000 walruses to swarm onto Alaskan beach
12:30 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
More than 35,000 walruses have gathered on an Alaskan beach as environmentalists raise the issue of dwindling sea ice.
Puppy falls into pool of hot-tar and gets stuck
12:30 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
Animal workers in India have spent two days and three hours rescuing a puppy that fell into a pool of hot-tar and became stuck to the ground.
Girl 'abducted by mother' found in Mexico after 12 years
12:00 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
An American girl who was allegedly kidnapped by her mother 12 years ago has been found safe and well in neighbouring Mexico with the help of private investigators.
11:59 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
Researchers say long-acting insulin significantly improves haemoglobin A1C levels, a measure of effective blood sugar control.
11:54 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
Combining immunotherapy and radiotherapy helps the immune system hunt down and destroy cancer cells not killed by the initial radiotherapy, a study says.
11:46 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
At least 10 people are believed to have been killed in a blast at a Bulgarian explosives plant.
Japanese stockbroker's 'fat finger' wipes $617 billion in trade orders
11:30 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
A stockbroker in Japan is believed to have caused $617 billion in share orders to be wiped after pressing the wrong key while inputting data.
11:25 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
Hong Kong protesters are flocking to the new messaging app FireChat which can work when mobilephone networks are overloaded or cut off.
Lesbian suing sperm bank for 'providing black man's semen'
11:00 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
A white lesbian couple in the US are suing a sperm bank that they claim provided them with a black man's semen and caused them to give birth to a mixed-race daughter.
10:33 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
World News Update, what you need to know
10:05 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
Julia Pierson, the director of the US Secret Service, has resigned following a string of security lapses by presidential protection officers.
'Psychopath' kills 920 chickens with golf club in California
09:17 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
Authorities in central California are searching for offenders who broke into a Foster Farms chicken ranch and used a golf club to kill more than 900 birds.
Ultra-orthodox Jews refuse to sit with women on plane, delaying flight
09:17 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
Hundreds of ultra-orthodox Jewish men delayed a flight from New York to Tel Aviv last week by refusing to sit next to female passengers.
09:17 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
The US has deep concerns over Israel's plans to build 2600 new settler homes in east Jerusalem, Barack Obama has told Benjamin Netanyahu.
09:11 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
The crew of the Australian warship HMAS Toowoomba has hosted members of the Australian cricket side during their visit to Dubai.
09:01 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
Australian universities have performed well in the latest Times Higher Education world rankings but experts say planned reform could weaken depth.
08:08 NZDT Thu Oct 2 2014
Riot police have barricaded the Hong Kong leader's office, fending off more than 3000 protesters calling for him to resign.
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