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18:33 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
At a polling station in Edinburgh, one of 2600 where independence votes will be cast across Scotland, people arrived as soon as the booths opened at 6am.
16:38 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
Hurricane Polo is cruising parallel to Mexico's southwest coast but is expected to bring tropical storm conditions over some Pacific states.
16:30 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
A court in China has ruled that a woman's virginity is worth about $5000.
16:04 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
Voreqe Bainimarama, who has ruled Fiji since he seized control in a 2006 coup, looks set for a decisive victory in the country's election.
15:52 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
Ukraine's leader Petro Poroshenko will cast Russia as a global menace when he meets Barack Obama in Washington.
Toronto crack mayor has cancer
15:01 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been diagnosed with cancer and will undergo aggressive chemotherapy.
Underbelly actor named as man behind alleged Sydney beheading plot
15:01 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
Sydney terror accused Omarjan Azari was allegedly working with Australia's most senior ISIL member and Underbelly actor Mohammad Baryalei to commit acts of terror, police have said.
14:19 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
Police in Thailand are waiting for DNA results taken from the scene where two young Britons were murdered on the island of Koh Tao.
Texas executes woman over boy's death
12:10 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
A 38-year-old woman has been executed in Texas over the starvation and torture of a nine-year-old boy.
ISIS releases movie-style trailer ahead of more fighting
11:51 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
The Islamic State has released a baffling Hollywood-style trailer to promote its warmongering and atrocities as if it was an upcoming movie.
11:51 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
Barack Obama is standing firm on his pledge that a US combat mission isn't on the cards - but insists the IS jihadists will be defeated.
US men caught in middle of police shootout
11:51 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
For a few minutes, a pair of men whose car was parked in a US petrol station must have thought they were in the middle of a war zone.
11:34 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
The Ebola outbreak in west Africa is the worst in history, with infection rates threatening to spiral out of control.
11:01 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
Eminiano Reodica's alleged victims say he stole millions of dollars and then fled Queensland and California.
10:49 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
MAVEN, NASA's unmanned spacecraft, has travelled 711 million kilometres and is nearly ready to make its way into Mars' orbit.
'Beheading or mass shooting' was planned on Australian soil
10:07 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
Hundreds of police officers have searched homes in Sydney and Brisbane this morning in the largest terror raids in Australian history.
Rat exercises on escalator amongst LA commuters
10:07 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
Working out is vital – even for a rat.
Student falls into vomit pit during university challenge
10:07 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
A drunk Irish university student made a first impression he will hope his classmates forget when he slid into a vomit trench during an initiation drinking game.
10:07 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
The House of Representatives has voted 273 to 156 to approve Barack Obama's plan to train and equip vetted rebels in Syrian.
09:38 NZST Thu Sep 18 2014
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