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Puppy saved from drain in huge ordeal

10:30 Sat Feb 11 2012

A curious puppy that crawled into a drainpipe and became stuck for more than 12 hours has been saved by rescue crews, who used excavators, shovels and bare hands to dig a 5m-deep hole to pull him out.

The four-week-old Detroit dog made its way into the pipe on Thursday and spent an entire night whimpering inside, WXYZ News reports.

"It was crying, and I was crying all night, I felt so bad," said the dog's owner, who asked not to be identified.

Humane Society workers were called early the next morning and brought local plumbers and excavation companies to the scene.

They formulated a plan to rescue the puppy — which had crawled through nearly 5m of pipe before being trapped near the house's foundation.

After spending all day digging the hole, rescuer Brady Morey made eye contact with the dachshund-pug cross, who was hiding a further three feet into the now-severed pipe.

"That's what kept me going," Mr Morey said.

"That’s really what kept me going… to keep tunnelling underneath that footing and get to him."

The Humane Society said the puppy was scared and cold but otherwise in good health after the ordeal.