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US driver pranks napping wife

13:00 Tue Jul 24 2012
By Nick Pearson, MSN NZ

A US man has filmed the moment he tricked his napping wife into thinking they were about to have a head-on collision with a large truck.

Manny Perez, from North Carolina, filmed his wife Sabra sleeping in the passenger seat of his car as they drove to pick up her family from the airport on Saturday.

"There's a truck getting towed, and it looks like it's coming at us and my wife's asleep," Mr Perez said to the camera.

"We're going to see if we can scare her."

Mrs Perez screams as she wakes up, before swatting at the camera when she realises she has been tricked.

"She wasn't too happy, but then realised that I prank her often," he told ninemsn.

"After watching herself scream she found it very funny."