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Failed 'proposal' shocks basketball fans

12:30 Tue Jan 3 2012

Basketball fans at a university game in the US were shocked when a marriage proposal on the big screen took an unfortunate turn.

Cameramen were scanning the crowd at the UCLA-Richmond game on Christmas Eve, looking for couples to place under their “Mistletoe Cam”.

After a few couples are seen kissing on the big screen display, the camera pans across to a man who jumps to his feet and grabs something from his back pocket.

"What's going on?" the female courtside presenter says. "This might be a little bit more than a kiss."

"I knew I was going to do this the first day I met you," the man tells his girlfriend.

"I think now is as good a time as ever," he adds.

He gets down on one knee and asks the woman to marry him as a man in the crowd yells out "yes is the answer".

The woman asks him if he is joking and she stares at him for a moment before storming off camera.

"Sometimes we get a little camera shy, I understand," the presenter says as the man kneels with his head in his hands.

The woman’s abrupt reaction has caused many to speculate that the couple staged the proposal for the cameras.

Baxter Holmes, a sports reporter for the LA Times tweeted that a UCLA spokesman said that the university had nothing to do with the failed proposal.