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Daredevil slackline walks over China canyon

19:00 Tue Apr 24 2012
MSN NZ staff

With more than a few wobbles and hairy moments, US daredevil Dean Potter completed the first ever "slackline" walk across China's Enshi Grand Canyon.

Watching the dizzying feat alone is enough to induce vertigo.

Potter took two minutes to walk across the 40m-long, 2cm-wide slackline suspended 1800m above sea level — without any safety harnesses or a parachute — even though several times it looked like he might plunge to the ground below.

The 40-year-old base jumper and rock climber from New Hampshire, who wore headphones during the stunt, appeared ecstatic when he reached the other side.

Slacklines, which Potter pioneered, are considered more difficult to walk than traditional tightropes.

They are more prone to bouncing and stretching because they are not taut.