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Sleeping scooter rider drifts into truck

16:30 Tue Sep 4 2012
Alys Francis, MSN NZ

Disturbing footage has shown the moment a sleeping scooter rider drifted into the path of an oncoming truck in Russia, barely escaping with his life.

The dash camera video was posted on Live Leak by RoMa23 who said the accident happened on a busy highway in Sochi, in southwest Russia, on yesterday at 7am local time [1pm AEST].

The video shows a truck overtake the scooter before it suddenly begins veering towards the middle of the road, the driver apparently having nodded off.

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The scooter crosses into the oncoming lane just as a huge truck comes barrelling down the road towards it.

The truck swerves sharply but the back end of the vehicle does not pull away quickly enough and the scooter slams into it.

As the scooter bounces away from the truck, the driver's sleeping body is flung about before toppling off the back, apparently still asleep.

The scooter rider wakes up once they hit the road and people quickly stop and rush to help.

Amazingly the rider is well enough to stand up and walk away from the accident.

The scooter on the other hand is left wrecked in the oncoming lane, having careered into another car after the rider fell.