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Skirmish players rescue puppies thrown in tar pit

14:00 Wed Jan 9 2013
Bernadette Chua

A group of skirmish players in Chile were filmed rescuing two puppies thrown into a tar pit.

The video uploaded onto YouTube two days ago by Luis Marin shows the group huddling around the tar pit where two puppies were allegedly thrown in.

They first tried to throw rope over to the whimpering and distressed puppies.

But when that failed, they lined the edges of the pit with tyres to try to drag the pups out.

After several minutes of struggling, they finally managed to pull the dogs to safety.

Freddy Cortez Fajardo, one of the players involved in the rescue, posted a picture on Facebook of the puppy when it emerged from the tar.

He also posted a photo of the same dog cleaned and resting.

Dressed in camouflaged uniforms, the men were out playing airsoft, a game similar to paintball.

According to the caption at the bottom of the video, the group also found five dead puppies in a nearby pit.