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Two women weigh in to schoolgirl fight

13:26 Sun Jan 20 2013

A schoolyard feud between two US girls became an ugly brawl when two adult women allegedly joined in and attacked one of the children.

The altercation, caught on video, reportedly started after the two 12-year-olds had been arguing verbally for weeks.

Attack victim Teah Lagranda said she and the other girl had agreed to meet in an alley after school so they could find somewhere to fight where no one would see them.

But a woman, believed to be in her 30s, then allegedly set upon the young girl.

"She swung at me and I dipped and I started socking her in her face," Teah told KTLA.

The woman allegedly swore at Teah, asked for someone else to kick her in the head, yelled out gang names and called her the N word. When asked if that had hurt her feelings, Teah said she was "used to it".

Another woman also allegedly joined the fight, pulling Teah to the ground.

Teah's mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said she was still in shock that two grown women would attack a child.

"I'm beyond mad, I just see red," she said.

"It's a hate crime, that should be number one, especially on a child."

She said she had contacted police and wanted "justice" for her daughter.

The LAPD is planning to investigate the incident.

It is unclear who captured the fight on camera and why they did not help Teah.