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Kate 'lets slip' she's having a daughter

14:43 Wed Mar 6 2013
Pregnant Kate Middleton receives flowers from a little girl
Pregnant Kate Middleton receives flowers from a little girl.

The Duchess of Cambridge has hinted that she will give birth to a baby girl.

While visiting the seaport of Grimsby, Kate may have spilled the beans about the sex of the royal baby.

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As the Duchess was walking down a street lined with hundreds of well-wishers she was presented with a teddy bear by local woman Diana Burton, 41.

The Duchess accepted the gift with a warm smile and, according to Ms Burton said: "Thank you, I will take that for my d......" before catching herself and ending the sentence abruptly.

A woman standing next to Ms Burton overheard the Duchess's candid reply and questioned the Duchess about what she had intended to say.

"You were going to say daughter weren't you?" said Sandra Cook, 67.

"No...we don't know," the Duchess replied.

Ms Cook continued hunting for the truth and asked the Duchess again "Oh, I think you do".

To which the Duchess replied: "We're not telling".

If the Duchess is pregnant with a girl England will have another Queen on the throne in the future.

New laws in England mean even if Willliam and Kate had a boy after their girl, the title to the throne would still go to the elder sister.

Keeping the sex of the couple's baby secret is in keeping with royal tradition.