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Boy finds sea snail living in his knee

08:30 Mon Aug 19 2013

The family of a US boy who returned from a beachside holiday with an itchy knee has found a tiny sea snail living inside his leg.

Four-year-old Paul Franklin fell and cut his right knee on a rock during a family camping trip on the Californian coast, the Orange County Register reported.

His parents cleaned the wound and put a bandage on it, but weeks later Paul's leg looked badly infected.

Doctors prescribed antibiotics, but when Paul had taken all but one of the pills he fell and hurt his knee again.

His mother removed the bandage to find a large pus pocket and what looked like black tissue.

Fearing gangrene, she began to drain the wound and the tiny sea creature popped out.

"It looked like a rock," Ms Franklin told the Huffington Post.

"It was a black thing and I put it on the paper towel and I'm like, that's a weird-looking rock, it has whirls on it.

"I turn it over and it's a sea snail."

When she put the creature in a cup of water, she saw it move and bubbles rose to the surface.

Paul said his knee was the size of an orange and "felt itchy" before the snail was found.

"I thought it was kind of crazy," he said.

Paul has named the snail Turbo and now keeps it in a small fishbowl with his pet fish Dory.

Video source: Huffington Post Los Angeles