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Mother forgives son's accused murderer

06:30 Mon Dec 2 2013

The mother of a boy murdered last year in Brazil has come face-to-face with the young man accused of killing her son to tell him that she forgave him and would pray for him.

Before a crowd of cameras and onlookers, Mary Nice, the mother of the boy murdered in December last year in Joao Pessoa on the easternmost point of Brazil, confronted Alisson Lima dos Santos after he was arrested along with three accomplices.

Upon hearing the news of the arrest, Ms Nice and her lawyer followed the car carrying the suspects when she requested permission from the police to speak to the young dos Santos as he was brought in by the sheriff.

In the video that was uploaded to YouTube last week shows a very calm mother confront the man accused of killing her son.

"Look at me," Ms Nice tells the young suspect as she gently take hold of his face, directing his gaze toward hers.

"You're forgiven in Jesus' name. I am Christian and I am forgiving you and I will continue praying for you, Allison," Ms Nice tells the young man as he is held by police officers.

"I will never visit you in jail because I have not the courage to go there," Ms Nice tells the young suspect.

"When they told me you killed my son I did not believe it and prayed for you. I am sorry for you because you killed another person," she said as she again grabs his face to look directly into his eyes as she starts praying for him.

"My Lord, accompany Allison wherever he is. Please do not leave him alone, my Lord," Ms Nice tells the accused murderer.

"Please, touch his soul, my Lord as you touched mine, my Lord," she said as she prayed for a bewildered dos Santos.

"God gives comfort to his mother because she is suffering as much as I am," Ms Nice said.

Dos Santos was arrested along with two other suspects who Sheriff Victor Bruno and are said to have been involved in other recent shootings.

Video Soure: Redacao Portal Correio - YouTube