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Student may lose limbs after passing out drunk

10:30 Thu Dec 12 2013
Student Alyssa Jo Lommel may lose limbs after passing out drunk
A photo of Alyssa Jo Lommel from her Facebook page. (Supplied)

A 19-year-old university student may lose her limbs after passing out on a veranda and spending the night exposed to sub-zero conditions.

Alyssa Jo Lommel went out and did tequila shots with friends before being dropped off at her home in Duluth, in the US state of Minnesota, about midnight on Friday.

But Lommel never made it inside.

A passerby found her around 9.30am the next day on the porch of a neighbour's house, unconscious and suffering from extreme hypothermia.

Temperatures in Duluth that night dipped to around -27C.

Lommel had only a jacket, jeans and UGG boots to protect her from the frostbiting cold. v She not wearing gloves and her hands swelled up to three times their normal size, causing the skin to split.

The University of Minnesota Duluth student was rushed to hospital where her condition is listed as "stable critical".

Her parents have told a local newspaper their daughter suffered significant damage to her hands and feet and could lose one or more of them.

Lommel has already undergone surgery to improve blood flow to reduce swelling and hopefully prevent doctors having to amputate any of the affected limbs.

It is understood Lommel drank for several hours at different friends' houses and at one stage played a drinking game with cards in which she downed 10 shots of tequila.

"Yum Yum 10th shot of tequila," she tweeted.

A friend who drove Lommel home described her as "a normal party chick" and told police she "wasn't wasted" when he and others dropped her off — although he did not wait to see her go inside her house.

"She could talk. And she wasn't falling-down drunk," he reportedly said.

Lommel's footprints suggest she attempted to access a locked car, sought shelter in an unheated garage and searched around her neighbour's home for way in, before ultimately stumbling onto a concrete porch.

It was not clear if she walked around her own house, where a roommate was home.

Friends said she left a party with keys to her home.

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